Presbytery of North Queensland


Presbytery Office
Marie Dewar
PO Box 201
Mission Beach, Qld.,4852
Phone: 07 4068-8131

Chairperson and
Presbytery Minister
Rural and Indigenous

Rev Garry Hardingham
10 Magnolia Street
Atherton, Qld, 4883
Phone: 0409 276 940

Presbytery Minister

Rev Christy Allen
PO Box 201
Mission Beach, Qld.,4852
Phone: 0418 184 834


Robyn Cooley
PO Box 201
Mission Beach, Qld.,4852
Phone: 0429 195 506

UAICC Representative

Rev Dennis Corowa
PO Box 201
Mission Beach, Qld.,4852
Phone: 0408 871 354

Deputy Chairperson

Rev Arthur Tutin
PO Box 287
Charters Towers, Qld.,4820
Phone: 0406 892 429

Latest Presbytery News

As instructed by Federal Government, all worship Services in the Carpentaria Presbytery have been suspended until further notice.

Please refer to the link concerning resources for worship during this crisis.

Please keep safe.

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